Nonsense is a concept store with a selection of carefully curated products from around the world, each with a heavy emphasis on design. With plants, ceramics, books, toys and more, our intention is to enable you to find unique gifts that make a lasting impression and that will sit well in any home over time.

Established in 2016 by Jeanette Ramirez and Alex Newton the idea was to open a shop in Manchester that mirrored our tastes and housed products from designers, brands and artists that excited us. Along with the shop our aim was also to create a space that could be enjoyed by the local community, as both a meeting place and somewhere where they can take part in workshops and classes in a variety of disciplines.

As well as a shop and meeting space Nonsense also houses a small family friendly coffee shop, with a good selection of artisan teas and coffee, and an ever changing selection of freshly baked cakes and snacks from some of Manchesters best bakeries.  

While we have your attention it's also important to give a mention our in house studio 'Twig By The Clorofilas' a project that's inspiration lies in nature and offers an alternative to conventional gardening techniques. Established over a decade ago by Jeanette the studio is at the forefront of the aesthetic potential of vegetation and offers bespoke services ranging anywhere from consultations to indoor landscapes. For more information click here: Twig By The Clorofilas